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TVonics Dolby Digital Downmixing Converter (DAC)

TVonics Dolby Digital Downmixing Converter (DAC)

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Introducing the TVonics Dolby Digital Downmixing Converter, your essential tool for bridging the gap between modern digital audio sources and traditional analogue sound systems. Designed to seamlessly convert coaxial or optical digital audio signals into standard analogue stereo (L/R) audio, this converter opens up a world of possibilities for your audio setup.


  • Input options available for both coaxial and optical connections
  • Guarantees a dependable transition from contemporary digital sources
  • Converts linked digital audio sources, whether coaxial or optical, into standard analogue stereo (L/R) audio
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Equipped with inputs for both coaxial and optical connections, it effortlessly decodes signals from devices like DVD and Blu-Ray players or AppleTV, ensuring a reliable transition to your analogue sound system. With its stereo output signals easily fed to external devices such as amplifiers, Hi-Fi systems or powered speakers via standard phono style (RCA) jacks, you can enjoy high-quality audio without compromising on compatibility.

Whether you're looking to enhance your home entertainment experience or streamline your audio workflow, the TVonics Dolby Digital Downmixing Converter is the perfect solution for all your audio conversion needs.


Inputs: Digital Coax or Optical (S/PDIF)
Outputs: Stereo L+R (Phono)
Distortion: <0.001% @ 1kHz at 2V RMS
Signal to Noise Ratio: > 90dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Output Impedance: 500Ω
Frequency Response: < +/-0.5dB"
Encryption: HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.2
Power Consumption: Max 5W
Power Supply: 5V DC
Material: Anodized Aluminium
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.4 x 6.2 cm
Product Weight: 0.1 kg
Operating Temp Range: 0 to +35°C (32 to +95°F)
Storage Temp Range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Humidity Range: 5 to 90% RH (no condensation)