Sadly TVonics Solutions Limited went into administration in 2012, below are downloads that may work for your product, no warranty is given or implied by providing these downloads.

If you have a problem with your TVonics product and it was not purchased from Pulse-Eight, please return it to your place of purchase for help and support. Sadly our ability to support legacy products is severely restricted.

The TVonics Freeview set top boxes with speech have been a huge success with visually impaired individuals, as they provide access to television listings and recording features with full speech support.

Taira Technology Ltd are pleased to offer a maintenance and repair Service for these boxes. Servicing is for those people who own a box and are having problems, or who simply want the hard disk which stores all the software and recordings replaced with a better model to improve reliability and responsiveness. Currently, the company is able to service the Z500HD and HD500 models. They also have brand new stock of the RM-100 remote controls (used with the Z500HD and HD500 models). They can be contacted on 03432897501, or via email at: